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GEN Ventilation Equipment Company is professional design, and production, and installation various type resistance corrosion ventilation equipment of company; main production FRP wind machine, plastic anti-corrosion wind machine, FRP acid fog purification Tower, PP exhaust processing Tower, FRP centrifugal wind machine, FRP axis fan machine, FRP roof wind machine, FRP negative pressure wind machine, FRP oblique fan machine, General centrifugal wind machine, more wing type centrifugal wind machine, Cabinet type fire wind machine, high pressure wind machine, in the pressure wind machine, row dust wind machine, Boiler induced draft fan, low-noise fan, axial fan. Square, circular glass, PP duct. The company fans are mainly used in electroplating, chemical, petroleum, textiles, power stations, laboratories and so on. Ventilation requirements and process conveyor with acid, alkaline or corrosive gases such as water vapor and humidity generally explosive gas.

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GEN Ventilation Equipment Company